Cool Water Car Wash offers the most extensive menu of:redcar

  • Professional car washing and detailing services in your area
  • Watercraft washing and detailing services
  • State Inspections

We have a comfortable waiting area where you can enjoy wide-screen TV, free onsite wi-fi service, inside play area for kids, and more.

We are the original home of the popular Value Card where you get more 'spendable dollars' than what you pay for.

Vehicle Services
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Our basic package includes full-service car wash, interior vacuum, towel dry, windows cleaned inside and outside, deluxe wheel cleaning, tire dressing, air freshener.

Also available are foaming Color Shine triple wax, clear coat protectant, underbody rust inhibitor, Rain-X complete surface protectant, mats shampooed (1 set), and interior creme protectant.

Watercraft Services

Watercraft washing and detailing services include the basic interior and exterior wash and carpet vacuumed. You can also add hand wax and high-speed buff services.

State Inspections
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State inspections are done quickly while you wait.

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$5 OFF Wash Packages (excludes exterior and full-service car washes)

$3 OFF State Inspection PLUS $7 OFF any wash (most cars)